About KYD


Kyd Ceramics was established in 1977 in Thailand


By the company's present Executive Creative Director, Mr. Kyd Rojanapenkul. Mr. Rojanapenkul's inspiration to form a company that embodies both the art and the science aspects of ceramic miniatures, combined with his expert background in advertising and marketing, led to the creation of Kyd Ceramics.


Kyd Ceramics was the first ceramics company in Thailand to produce original artisan ceramic miniatures and designs. Within a few year of its establishment, KydCeramics has achieved national recognition and has been welcomed worldwide as highly collectible items.

Today, we are renowned for our outstanding quality products all around the world. Kyd Ceramics is still considered the best artisan ceramic miniatures in Thailand. This is because all our ceramic miniatures are produced from only the finest white clay and are created and painted by the hands of our skilled craftsmen, just as they were when we first started 38 years ago.

The company currently achieves a production capacity of over 300,000 pieces per month. Each year, new products are introduced to the market. To view the range of products Kyd Ceramics has to offer, please visit our on-line catalogue available on this website. Alternatively, we would be most pleased to welcome you to view our products in our showroom in Bangkok. There are over 1,800 sets of ceramic miniatures displayed in our showroom for you to choose from.


Product Range Kyd Ceramics currently manufactures four product lines.

  1. Artisan doll house ceramic miniatures.
  2. Animal ceramic miniatures, varied from pets, wild animals, and marine animals.
  3. Antique-style artisan handmade wooden furniture with high quality finishing.
  4. Metal utensil and carpenter tools in miniature sizes.

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